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"Wisdom" Giclée Art Print Batch #1 Preorder

"Wisdom" Giclée Art Print Batch #1 Preorder

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This is a piece that Sara (myself) created in tandem with the piece "Innocence" for a show put on in my city called In The Forest. Kat and I were delighted and honoured to be included in a such a show as we were among what we consider some of Nanaimo's most prominent artists. 

'Wisdom' depicts a hand rising up out of a clear pool of water deep in the woods. I'd love for you to be able to gleam the meaning yourself, especially when tied with the piece 'Innocence' but I also did have an intention when working on it. These pieces are about reclamation of the woods, it's about the beginning of a life vs. the understanding one obtains after having lived. It's about a virgin wood + an ancient one and these hands are not as detached as one might think. 

What is Giclée?

Giclée (pronounced gee-clay) is a fine-art printing process that uses digital images, high-end printers and archival inks, to print on superior quality paper or canvas material. The word Giclée literally means "to spray," which refers to the way the printer sprays the ink onto the canvas.

High quality Giclee printing uses many more ink colours 12, as opposed to 4 in CMYK. This allows for vibrant, beautiful colour that lasts. My paper of choice for this project is the Epson Cold Press Bright. It gives the work a textured look and feel while giving me the exact colours I was going for.

*Please note, the print in the image is 19x25" including the .5" white border. I will be offering 18x24" with the white border in order to make it easier on you for framing. 
** Colours on screen will always look different to the print in person + under different lighting. 

Why is it so expensive?

This is every artist's least favourite question as trust me, we already devalue ourselves and our work on the daily, haha, but I get it. Each print costs me just under $50 to produce so when I charge you $100 for an unframed print, I'm nowhere near covering the amount of time and labour that went into creating this piece. The fact that you like my work enough to maybe purchase it though.... that's also payment for me. I just wish that also kept the lights on, you know?

Anyway, let me know if you need a payment plan and I'm happy to work something out with you. I'd like my work to be accessible to everyone!

When can I expect to receive this?

The cool thing about these pieces is they ship directly from the local printer that I work with so it's hard for me to say. I'd say anywhere from 3-5 weeks from now. Depending on the printer's choice, this piece will arrive to you flat OR in a shipping tube. Either way, you're going to want to remove it and lay it flat under some heavy books for a day or two before hanging.


I currently DON'T have shopify set to collect VAT for UK purchases, and this will result in extra fees for you. If you are okay with this, please place your order.

There are some countries that may not show any rates for shipping due to Covid. Please be aware that I cannot hold orders if this occurs and I will offer you a refund. 

I do not offer refunds on lost packages through untracked domestic letter mail. I also do not offer refunds on tracked packages. Please keep in mind that I have limited stock and I am not a large business. However, I will always work something out with you if your order does not arrive so please do reach out!

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