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Fox & Koi

Poy The Frog + Howie The Housefly

Poy The Frog + Howie The Housefly

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Tada! This is Poy and his sweet lil' pal Howie! Poy is a cute lil frog I met one time when I was on a hike, his name is short for ~poisonous frog~ oooo! He stood out to me because of his fancy pants. Howie's name is short for House Fly!  

Poy ate most of the other flies buzzing around but he left Howie alone and I think it's 90% because of his cute little face, I mean just look at it. Anyway, I asked Poy if I could draw him and he just stared at me and then licked his eye with his really long tongue so I took that as a yes!

poy: pantone-dyed soft enamel, 1.5" wide
howie: pantone-dyed , gold & rainbow soft enamel, .5" wide
fungi: gold soft enamel, .75" tall


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